Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SLLO in Action- Reflections of Morgan Hiser

As a student leader with Aggie Representatives Educating About College Health (REACH), I had the opportunity to teach other students about health through leading meetings and doing presentations on health topics.  I currently work for the WilCo Wellness Alliance, a county health coalition in Williamson County, which is closely associated with Williamson County and Cities Health District.  I focus on healthy policy and environmental changes throughout the county.  As a leader of this group, I am responsible for leading and organizing group meetings of a large group of community members and supporting healthy changes throughout the county.  The peer educator training I received as a member of REACH allowed me to better relate to the community members in the coalition and be a more confident leader in the programs conducted.  REACH also gave me the opportunity to apply for a grant on behalf of the group.  Many programs or job positions need grant funds to support work being done.  The experience of the process in applying, and ultimately receiving the grant, helped me to understand the importance of making that effort for a program you care about.  Overall, I had many experiences with Aggie REACH that taught me how to be a well-rounded leader in the working world.

Morgan Hiser, CHES
Healthy Communities Project Specialist
WilCo Wellness Alliance

Highland Lakes Health Partnership

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